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      5 products

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      This Nascar Amsoil Collection offers a harmonious fusion between our JDM streetwear Brand and the iconic Amsoil brand, producing a unique synthetic oil in Wisconsin. Our original creation pays tribute to this brand that has been able to stand out by sharing our same values. Our products are designed especially for Car lovers and performance enthusiasts. A Nascar Racing Team in constant search of efficiency at all times.

      Many icons have influence in the Automotive World and Japanese Motorsport and going from a respectable brand to a legendary one is a real achievement nowadays. In creating the Yankii Limited Collection, we wanted to pay tribute to these great icons who have settled in people's minds thanks to the strength of their values and their commitments: performance, quality, impeccable service.... Brands that have become timeless and that we have reinterpreted in the spirit of Yankii Garage. This JDM Streetwear Collection is like these great brands: unique of its kind!