Team Yankii France

Team Yankii France

Yankii Garage is not only a Japanese Streetwear brand, it is also a Japanese car culture Team enthusiasts. Have the pleasure of discovering the Team Yankii France official members, their particularities and their stories.

Team Yankii France

Team Yankii France Chris Rextoy
Christopher Rextoy

Autobody painter from father to son, Chris was immersed in the automotive world from an early age. Owner of a magnificent Honda CRX, and having completely renovated his Renault 5 Alpine, he is a real lover of beautiful mechanics and vehicles that have marked their history. For Christopher, cars must have a soul, a character, a story to tell.

From his first steps in the JDM car culture, he was immediately captivated by the avant-garde and identity aspect of theses cars. His first VTEC kick was fatal, he fell addicted to it, and now drives his Honda CRX which leaves no one indifferent.

Chris had the honour of presenting his RexToy at the Yankii Garage Clothing booth during the Honda Euro Meet 2019.

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honda crx gold



clémix mx5
Clémix MX5

Clemix, straight from Paris, is a great lover of supercharged Japanese mechanics. Apart from smoking tyres, Clemix is a graphic designer technician in Paris working for an international sports retailer.

Almost 20 years ago, his brother was the first Frenchman to import a Nissan Silvia PS13 from Japan!

Because no one can remain indifferent to passion, Clemix started to help his brother and put his hands in the engine. That's the day he caught the virus. And not the Corrona (🤷‍♂️), the Japanese one that makes hands dirty!

He started his own adventure with an EUNOS MX5, imported from England and totally JDM converted. A toy that has become timeless, that pleases both young and old. From the Stance to a real Drift project, his goal is now very simple: Gain power, spit flames, turn 90°, and have fun with our friends from Crepery Factory!

TD04L External Wastegate TIAL TURBO - Destroy or Die Front Train - Work wheels Equip40 (the first units sold in France) - Made in USA KBD Kit, ...

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mazda mx5 stance



Honda Accord Euro R
Yann Toad 35

Yann is a true Breton pure butter, highly experienced and passionate about the view of the ground! Attracted since childhood, it was when he bought his first car, a VW Golf 3, that the possibility of modifying it right away seduced him.

Influenced by his friends, Yann had to get a Japanese car too! He took the virus by buying a 4G Prelude, then made several acquisitions and multiple projects: Celica GT4, MX5 Na, Lexus is200, Civic Ferio, Honda Del Sol, ... Only one thing finally obsessed him: to be even lower and lower!

He took up the challenge by preparing an incredible Stanced Prelude 3G, fender flares on large rims. He then bought a CRX EE8, a Lexus GS300 that he put on air, a Widebody Lexus is200, Civic EC9, and now comes his latest one : an Accord CL9 freshly imported from Australia.

Yann doesn't waste his time, he clearly lives in Need For Speed: he buys, modifies, lowers, then next project! 2020 has some surprises in store, stay tuned!

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honda accord stance

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Alex briol
Alex Briol

Alex Briol is a real hub of Kanjozoku culture in France. No doubt, the biggest French relay around these Osaka's Street Racer. Strongly passionate and a long-time practitioner, Alex discovered the world of Honda more than 6 years ago, curious to know more about this universe full of myths and legends.

During these years, Alex Briol was able to travel to Japan many times, learn in depth and get as close as possible to the Kanjo Racer community. After some great encounters, he now has strong friendships with many Kanjo Racer teams, which has greatly influenced his automotive projects.

Honda Civic EE9 swap B18c4/c6 prepared by Billvtec, developing 240 hp, all accompanied by a articulated and reinforced chassis, the aesthetic part is still under development.

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no good racing civic



kanjo france
Kasutamu Factory

Fully passionate, Quentin works on his projects with the greatest professionalism; combining the mechanical aspect by a fine preparation of the chassis/braking, painting job, without forgetting the customization of the passenger compartment. Quentin has been able to provide his graphic skills by creating his own complete vehicle decorations. He is also working on a brand new decoration!

Quentin is a daily follower of Time Attack and the Kanjozoku culture of Osaka's Kansai. He is a real relay of this movement in France, you will have the opportunity to discover a lot of personalities by following his daily Instagram stories.

Civic EK3 B16A track | Civic EK4 Ferio VTi | Civic ED7 under restoration.

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osaka loop kanjo




The APRODMEDIA adventure started 7 years ago with Alexis, in a different field than the one he operates today: when he put his first GoPro on his bike to film his turbulent track days! Known at the time as APROD, it was only in 2017 that he invested in his first camera, and a year later in a RONIN stabilizer, the word "media" appeared.

Since then, APRODMEDIA has been able to work on many serious projects, influenced by US productions, today accompanied by Melvin, who joined the adventure very early and now manages the photography part of the team.

Self-taught, his passion feeds his daily desire to evolve, to always offer quality content and to bring people together!

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Honda Euro Meet



Crepery Factory
Crepery Factory

Crepery Factory is a group of friends from Alsace, passionate about Japanese cars, especially drifting. The crew was created a little over 5 years ago and there are 7 of them in the crew :

Valentin | Nissan 180SX S13 | "Pro" Drifter that will never go pro.
Victor | Nissan 200SX S14 | Noob Drifter who might go pro one day, God willing.
Anthony | Toyota Carina | Ex-drifter, now caught up with family life.
Nicolas | Nissan Bluebird | Ex-drifter who constantly changes hobbies.
Antoine | Datsun 280Z | Excellent in theory, he turbo swapped his Z, but nobody knows how.
Jean | Mazda MX5 | Ex-Touge pilot, everything stopped when he hit the only sidewalk in the Vosges.
Ashley | Honda S2000 | Lazy British tuner.

Crepery Factory don't take anything too seriously and none of them has a really big goal apart from drinking beers and having fun!

As for the origin of the name "Crepery", it's a legend that's only told late at night ...

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Drift Shop Crepery Factory



ED2 sedan Stance
Jordan De Carvalho

Jordan grew up in the Nièvre region, surrounded by cars from an early age with a car painter father. He followed the family line by becoming an autobody painter. Jordan is now a young father, works as an industrial painter from Monday to Friday, and continues to practice his first passion during his free time.

Owner of his first Japanese car at 19 years old, a Civic EG that he totally customized; Jordan was able to apply his serious technical knowledge to his personality by moving towards a much rarer model in France.

He chose the Civic ED2 Sedan, after almost 3 years of restoration, it turns heads! Combining family life and passion, Jordan is a meticulous enthusiast who doesn't count his hours. Passionate about father to son, this is a family affair for Jordan.

Accord K24 CL9 daily driven | Hexagone Automotive Crew | NVUS

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Honda Civic EF stance



honda integra type r

With grandparents driving a Honda Concerto, and parents in 90s Civic, Aurélien couldn't pass up as soon as he got his driving licence!
For Aurélien, Hondas are a family affair.

The adventure began, and as for many of us, with a modest Civic EG! Perfect to make his first steps.

Aurélien works in the animal world. Far away from engines, but closer to nature and life. These moments allow him to be disconnected from the automobile world, but also to dream!

If you can dream it, you can do it. After much research and sacrifices, today, Aurélien has made his childhood dream come true. To one day own a Honda Integra DC2, one of the 430 sold in France!

B18C6 - EK9 Piston & camshafts - Lightened flywheel - Full INVIDIA exhaust - Stainless steel exhaust manifold - GRUPPE M airbox - Coilovers Tein Super Street

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You would like to join the Team Yankii France, and you have a community that might be interested in our brand? Feel free to contact us on instagram, send us a picture of your car, or what you do, we will be happy to learn more about you!