Honda Euro Meet 2019

Honda Euro Meet 2019

Honda enthusiasts from all over the world

On the weekend of August 23rd to 25th, Yankii Garage was present for the first time at the 10th edition of the Honda Euro Meet 2019 held in eastern France, Clastres, every year for 10 years now. A crowd of a few thousand enthusiasts of the brand at the big H, accompanied by each of their favourite vehicles, drove through the show to display their cars and discover those of their neighbours. French, Belgians, Dutch, English, Swiss, Luxembourgers... and many other nationalities were present at the event to share their passion.

Honda Euro Meet 2019 Event

A unique event in Europe

The Honda Euro Meet is an endless parade of Japanese cars stamped Honda, each one exposes his vehicle in front of his camp for the weekend, then walks between the stands, activities, competitions, but can also test their mechanics on the Clastres circuit. A real Show straight out of a Forza Horizon! During this weekend we were able to observe exceptional cars starting with a series of three Honda S2000 totally incredible including the Amuse GT1 Turbo from @bysebdesign or the fantastic work of @jon.s2k who covered his own with carbon fiber on 3/4 of the vehicle, not to mention the incredible work of saddlery done inside.

Honda S2000 fast and furious

Honda S2000 carbon fiber

honda s2000 carbon fiber hood

honda s2000 carbon fiber parts

japanese streetwear

Honda S2000 bagged camber

Honda s2000 gran turismo

The Show Shine stand also featured the crazy Honda DC2 Type R EUDM from @Michielrodn with a complete and fantastically well executed wire tuck... KA-CHOW!!!

Integra wire tuck

Honda CRX fan? You will love the one of @vanderbeckjordan on the stage of the show shine, whose neo-retro balance has been very well executed!

honda crx tuning

As every year at the HEM, the show awarded a prize to a selection of cars exhibited on the famous Show & Shine space in several categories: Interior, Exterior, Rims, Engine Bay, Youngtimer.... Maybe it'll be yours next year?

Low stance honda civic mint@faissal_ek_lexus

B16 wire tuck@nick_ek4

civic type r wheels@jo_fk2

Civic EG stance red@eg_niels

For the big show, nothing is better than seeing the power of the engines in action! And for that reason, the HEM#10 was, like every year, prepared to welcome the best drivers to its track at the wheel of their Honda. Seeing the power of the brand new Honda FK8 in the middle of a corner is an exhilarating moment! The public also had the opportunity to rent a car for driving or as a passenger on the track to experience a guaranteed thrill! A real experience not to be missed. VK Garage with Jimmy Honda Civic was also present this year, coming straight from the Netherlands to present their engine preparation prowess on a 5th generation Drag civic coupe, integrating a B18C supercharged by a huge snail, developing nearly 800 hp! Launch control guaranteed.

b18 turbo kit@vkgarage @jimmy_civic

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Honda France was also on board

Honda France was present this year with a magnificent booth that allowed them to present the latest and fabulous Honda NSX, their dynamic and agile Honda X-DAV, the latest Honda CRV with its hundreds of options and the brand's latest technological achievements. Against all odds, they were also accompanied by a magnificent OEM Honda S2000.

Honda nsx france

honda nsx 2018

hondapro jason@hondaprojason

Meetings and an exceptional place

The Honda Euro Meet 2019 is also about meeting enthusiasts and professionals! On this occasion we had the honor to receive and exchange with the famous @HondaProJason who came straight from Chicago to share with us his infinite knowledge of the Japanese automobile and mainly of the Honda brand. An exceptional guy and a real showman who visited us on the Yankii Garage booth, and who did the honour of presenting our freshest project to his community. Thank you to him, thank you for this moment! #Tagada

hondapro jason yankii@hondaprojason

From the installation of our stand, we also had the pleasant and turbulent visit of the Barjozoku Gang which totally adhered to our approach and the graphic treatment that we brought to our common passion. It was a pleasure to exchange with your team, a small collaboration Yankii x Barjozoku was also considered.... Stay tuned!

carpes koi shirt

bosozoku style

Yankii Garage was present on the site for the first time with an exhibition stand to present in exclusivity the designs frankly taken out of the garage for the occasion! The show car on our stand was the beautiful Honda CRX Gold US import from @chris_rextoy! You could find the designs of our Classic, Worldwide and Heritage collections through several of our models on sale such as the popular Yankii Limited Asahi, the legendary Honda CRX on its red circle, the powerful Yankii Heritage Late Night Runner or the sober but striking Yankii Worldwide in its Greenstuff hue. We have a few models for you to follow:

JDM clothing

honda crx tuning

honda crx vtec@chris_rextoy

And don't forget! On the occasion of Honda Euro Meet 2019 we offer you an exceptional discount code: HEM#10 offering you 10€ of credit on all your order! Take advantage of it now and before October 1st, 2019! Use My HEM Credits

We had an unforgettable time at the show and hope to see you there next year! See you soon on Yankii Garage! And don't be shy to follow us @yankiigarage

Asahi shirt

Special thanks to the HEM staff for their hospitality, availability and fantastic work. Thank you to @chris_rextoy and @anonyma.emy for their wonderful Honda CRX on our booth and all their energy dedicated to our project.

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