Honda Civic Type R 2020 | Limited Edition

Honda Civic Type R 2020 | Limited Edition

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Honda reveals Civic Type R Limited Edition. Based on the latest restyling of the model, this edition promises to be the ultimate Type R track car.

As we just discovered the restyled Honda Civic Type R, the Japanese brand is announcing a limited edition of its sporty compact that should arrive this year. Presented as the 'ultimate Type R for the track', only 600 units will be produced in the United States and another 100 units will be reserved for Europe. These two versions are different and both adapt to their markets.

Type R is even sharper

On the Civic Type R 2020, the adaptive suspension has been redesigned and now assesses driving conditions more quickly than before. The front suspension features new silent-blocks and ball joints, which further improve cornering performance and steering response. The braking system has also been improved, with new floating front discs and brake pads, and the unsprung masses can be lowered by around 2.5 kg.

Civic Type R Sport line

The 2.0 turbo engine benefits from optimized cooling, thanks to a reworked radiator and an air intake on the front bumper that has been enlarged by 13%. However, the characteristics of the 2.0 VTEC turbo remain unchanged, with 320 hp and 400 Nm. On the other hand, the sound of this powerplant is more present in the passenger compartment, especially with the Sport and +R modes, but this is due to a process using the speakers of the audio system.

Some markets will now be able to choose their Civic Type R in a Sport Line version that's more discreet in terms of looks, with the large rear spoiler replaced by a more subtle one.

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Civic type r limited edition

A lightweight Very Limited Edition

Honda is also offering its sporty compact a new Limited Edition series, which is the most extreme Civic Type R ever designed and is very limited in production. it will be produced in only 600 copies in the United States and another 100 units will be reserved for Europe.

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In view of the technical data of this limited series, the most striking feature remains the weight reduction, which is 47 kg (103lbs) compared to the standard Type R. This is due in particular to the elimination of the air conditioning and infotainment system, but also to certain sound-absorbing materials in the roof, tailgate, front bumper and dashboard. However, Honda insists that, unlike some of its rivals, it keeps its rear seat.

civic type r limited edition interior

On the undercarriage side, new 20-inch forged BBS rims with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires and optimized shock absorbers have been introduced. The reduction in weight has slightly improved the car's performance, with a tenth of a win on the 0-60mph, which is now down to 5.7 seconds.

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Styling-wise, this Civic Type R Limited Edition will stand out with the exclusive Phoenix Yellow body colour, as well as the glossy black roof, mirrors and hood scoop. Inside, you'll notice the red bucket seats, the red Alcantara accents on the steering wheel and the "teardrop-shaped" shift knob.

 civic type r shift knob

It remains to be seen whether Honda will bring the new Type R Limited Edition to the Nürburgring, in order to regain the title of fastest traction. Its long-time rival, the Renault Mégane RS, set a new lap record last April in its new Trophy R variant.

Orders for this Civic Type R Limited Edition will begin in the summer of 2020 and pricing will be announced closer to launch. But there's no doubt that this very limited and exclusive series will demand a significant premium over the standard model's €43,160.

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